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5 Tips For Beating Jet Lag, According To A Sleep Specialist

We would probably all agree that the ‘flying’ part of travel is our least favourite part. Between the uncomfortable seats, the below average food and different timezones you have to adapt to, one way or another, we’ve all experienced stepping off the plane not feeling like the best version of ourselves. Here, sleep specialist Olivia… Read More »

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The Best Colonoscopy Prep Tips, According to Doctors

Conditions New guidelines recommend a colonoscopy at age 45—down from 50. Most say the prep drink is worse than the actual procedure. Here’s how to make drinking it more tolerable. What is your bowel baseline? aradaphotography /Shutterstock Everyone will tolerate colonoscopy prep differently. It depends on how your bowels are functioning before the prep. “For… Read More »

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JAMA: 5 tips to fix EHR usability, 10 years post-HITECH

Hard as it may be to believe, it’s been a decade, almost exactly, since the healthcare information and technology industry was turbocharged and totally transformed by tens of billions of federal incentive dollars. It was February 17, 2009, when, in the ongoing aftermath of the Great Recession, a newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama signed the American… Read More »

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