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These 3 Pairs Of Running Shoes Are Totally Worth The Investment

The one piece of gear you shouldn’t skimp on. Investing in a good pair will help you avoid injury, run more comfortably and even improve your performance. First-time buyer? Get your feet assessed (free at most running-shoe stores) to find out what kind of shoe is best for your needs. If your foot collapses inwards,… Read More »

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When the Illness Is a Mystery, Patients Turn to These Detectives

They are patients with diseases that mystify doctors, people whose symptoms are dismissed as psychosomatic, who have been given misdiagnosis upon misdiagnosis. They have confounded experts and have exhausted every hope save one. And so they wind up in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network, a federally funded project that now includes 12 clinical centers, including one… Read More »

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These badass bodybuilding bros start workouts with chocolate

The brothers who sculpt Hollywood badasses like Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Cooke start workouts with a treat: dark chocolate. “You start to connect the endorphins of working out with the dopamine rush of dark chocolate,” Eric Johnson, a 30-year-old Upper West Side resident, tells The Post. To Eric and his brother Ryan, both personal trainers… Read More »

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