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Eczema sufferers told to stop using a skin cream 'immediately' because it contains illegal steroids

Eczema sufferers told to stop using a skin cream ‘immediately’ after regulators warn the product which claims to be a natural Chinese herbal remedy contains illegal steroids Zudaifu cream contains a drug which is only allowed on prescription The product is marketed as a Chinese herbal remedy but is actually illegal Overusing steroids can damage… Read More »

Stem cells implanted into the brain stop epilepsy seizures in rats

CasarsaGuru/Getty By Clare Wilson For people with severe epilepsy, no medication is effective – but a radical approach of implanting stem cells into the brain could stop seizures at their source. The technique, which has so far shown promise in rats, would involve taking some of a patient’s own skin cells and turning them into… Read More »

Ten reasons people stop attending HIV care in Zambia

Patient-provider relationships are strained by poor working conditions and rigid application of one-size-fits-all models of care, according to an in-depth investigation of why people with HIV drop out of HIV treatment services in Zambia, recently published in BMJ Global Health. But patients rate antiretroviral services more highly than traditional healers, who are perceived to have… Read More »