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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Scorpio Man

Scorpio Birthday: October 23-November 21 Type: Fixed water sign Key words: Intense, passionate, emotional, secretive, sexual Love anthem: “Without Me” – Halsey Famous Scorpio men: Frank Ocean, Mark Ruffalo, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Driver, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Biden Best matches: The absolute best match for a Scorpio is the fellow water sign, Cancer. There’s natural compatibility… Read More »

Viewpoints: Even With Gene-Edited Babies, There’s Always A Tradeoff; Democrats Need To Weigh Pros, Cons Of Medicare For All

Editorial pages focus on these and other health care issues. Bloomberg: Genetic Engineering Can Make Humans Different, But Not Better  For such flawed creatures, human beings are surprisingly hard to improve, at least through our genes. That’s one reason there’s so much outcry over the recent claim that researchers in China altered the genes of… Read More »