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'Sand Scribe' Troy Purple carves out a natural therapy

Every morning, regardless of the weather Troy Purple treks down to Moon Bay to create his own style of therapy. With nothing but a small stick and the camera on his iPad mini, Troy is creating something extraordinary in the sands of Mimosa Rocks National Park, just north of Tathra. His artistic writing – inspirational… Read More »

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Natural Ways to Relieve Pain Without Drug Use

In today’s world, there is basically a drug prescription for every ailment, from a sore throat to a broken ankle. We have been trained to turn to prescriptions for pain relief. In many cases, prescription drugs are the right option. But in some cases, they are not immediately necessary, especially with more minor injuries and… Read More »

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Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

You might have heard about the term eye floaters. They are random spots that pop in and out of your line of vision. Generally, these floaters are not indicative of any major underlying condition, but there are instances when they must be treated to keep the condition from getting worse. Eye floaters may appear black… Read More »

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