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Kiss of salmonella? Snuggling with hedgehogs linked to outbreak, CDC warns

The worst part about owning a hedgehog might seem to be be getting poked by its porcupine-like quills. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the mammals are linked to something far sinister: salmonella. Eleven people across eight states have been infected with a strain of salmonella linked to hedgehog droppings as… Read More »

Widespread, occasional use of antibiotics in U.S. linked with resistance

The increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance in the U.S. appears more closely linked to their occasional use by many people than to their repeated use among smaller numbers of people, according to a large new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The study also found that antibiotic use varies across the nation,… Read More »

High Sodium Diet Linked to AFib

You probably do your best to avoid or minimize salty junk food like French fries and potato chips. And maybe you’re cautious about adding table salt to your foods and try to limit your salt use when cooking. But in our world where restaurant meals and packaged foods are often very high in sodium, it… Read More »