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Quality standards framework can improve both clinical and financial performance in healthcare

Achieving clinical quality has always an important component of healthcare delivery, but in an age of quality-based reimbursement and a consumer-oriented business culture, it’s more important now than ever. The problem is that, until recently, there hasn’t been a consistent set of standards governing how quality is measured and achieved. That results in a high… Read More »

Verily’s OneFifteen Promises Self-Learning Healthcare

Verily, the life sciences arm of Google-parent company Alphabet, recently announced a new initiative called OneFifteen that promises to fulfill the long-awaited dream of a Learning Healthcare System (LHS) for addiction and rehabilitation. Defined as the alignment of science, informatics and incentives, LHS were originally proposed to address the country’s escalating healthcare problems and provide the best… Read More »

Dr Ben Goldacre calls for a culture of openness around healthcare data analytics

A “mañana culture” which constantly promises action tomorrow is preventing data analytics being used to drive immediate healthcare improvements, said Dr Ben Goldacre at the Digital Health Rewired conference. “We don’t do analytics as well as we should, as well as we could,” he told delegates in his keynote speech at London’s Olympia yesterday. Goldacre, who is director at the… Read More »