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Beyoncé’s 22-day, 100 per cent plant-based diet ’embraces food myths’ and promotes crash dieting, experts say

It’s not as restrictive as the maple syrup fast that famously helped her shed nine kilograms in two weeks for her role in 2006’s Dreamgirls. However, Beyoncé’s new 22-day, 100-per-cent plant-based diet is promoting the same extreme messaging, observers say. Last week, the pop diva posted a YouTube video, “22 Days Nutrition,” promoting a diet… Read More »

Weight loss: One woman used this diet plan to shed 2.5 stone – expert reveals why it works – Express

Achieving a weight loss goal can be difficult, so it’s no surprise dieters often flock to social media to share their results once reaching their mark. One woman recently took to Reddit to real her transformation. The slimmer – who goes by the screen name “ladywiththedogs” – posted before and after images, as she revealed… Read More »