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Dr Ben Goldacre calls for a culture of openness around healthcare data analytics

A “mañana culture” which constantly promises action tomorrow is preventing data analytics being used to drive immediate healthcare improvements, said Dr Ben Goldacre at the Digital Health Rewired conference. “We don’t do analytics as well as we should, as well as we could,” he told delegates in his keynote speech at London’s Olympia yesterday. Goldacre, who is director at the… Read More »

Insights from a Verily Venture Investor on Health Data & Dollars

Health Tech Mar 21, 2019• By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF Health Google’s Verily has a $ 1Billion dollar investment fund and a nearly limitless talent pool of data scientists and engineers at the ready. So, how are they planning to invest in a better future for health? Luba Greenwood, Strategic Business Development & Corporate Ventures for… Read More »