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Arthritis Is Tied to Heart Disease Risk

Having osteoarthritis may increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Osteoarthritis, the painful degenerative disease of the joint cartilage and bones that progresses with age, affects about 10 percent of men and 13 percent of women over 60. There is no cure. Researchers studied 469,177 residents of southern Sweden who ranged in age from… Read More »

Win or lose: Rigged card game sheds light on inequality, fairness

Researchers at Cornell University are using a rigged card game to shed light on perceptions of inequality. After noticing that card game winners attributed the game’s outcome to skill and losers blamed their defeat on the rules, doctoral students Mario Molina and Mauricio Bucca decided to conduct an experiment. Working with Michael Macy, the Goldwin… Read More »

Women who return to work after having children slow their memory decline by 61 per cent

Returning to work after having a baby could help mothers beat memory loss and keep memory sharp in old age ‘Participating in the paid labour force’ keeps women ‘mentally stimulated’  ‘Waged employment’ also comes with ‘financial and social benefits’ Alzheimer’s may be more common among poor and socially-isolated people  By Alexandra Thompson Senior Health Reporter… Read More »